Jaeger Quarter Tone Trumpet

The 4 valve hybrid (3+1) Jaeger Quarter Tone Bb and C trumpets are built in our own workshop on the same platform as the Jaeger Studio model. The incorporation of a rotary quarter tone valve and our unique ergonomic lever system operated by the left hand index finger, makes this a user-friendly portal into the world of micro-tonal music.

This instrument developed from a challenge I have described in My Friend the Trumpet. Once the initial instrument was made,  we showed it around; on popular demand we added the Bb version to our range.

The quarter tone valve is available as an option on both our Bb and C trumpets. Also any regular Bb or C trumpet can be retrofitted with this valve.


Key: Bb or C

Bore: 0.459" (ML)

Bell: Jaeger or Bach

Finish: Raw brass

Price:  €3700

Jaeger Quarter tone Bb

Jaeger Quarter tone C