Deciphering Jazz Notation

Monday, 20. March 2023

I Think ≠ It Is

Wednesday, 6. May 2020

A recent note from a concerned parent:
Please forgive my naive questions, what about xxxx for trumpets,...

Play the Notes - Not the Rests

Thursday, 5. March 2020

One of the drawbacks of written musical notation is that the rests are often more visually predominant than the...

Explaining Brass Instruments - 3. More Notes

Friday, 3. January 2020

The notes of the Harmonic series are fine for bugle calls and trumpet calls:

However playing...

Explaining Brass Instruments - 2. The Notes

Monday, 30. December 2019

In the previous article “Explaining Brass Instruments - 1. The Basics” I wrote:
The player activates the...

Brass Instruments are Not Pneumatic circuits

Saturday, 28. December 2019


Not This:Brass instruments are resonant tubes not pneumatic circuits. The essential function...

Explaining Brass Instruments - 1. The Basics

Wednesday, 18. December 2019

This is the first in a planned series of brief articles explaining brass instruments.
Brass instruments...

Why do scales go up?

Tuesday, 26. November 2019

Why do scales go up?
When you ask someone to sing or play a scale why do they always perform an ascending...

Difference between String and Wind Instruments

Tuesday, 19. November 2019

Have you ever wondered about the different key preferences of string and wind players?

It is common...

Filling a Large bore trumpet?

Tuesday, 22. October 2019

Addressing the Testosteronic Myth

How difficult is it to fill a large bore trumpet?

I would...

Ivan's Waiata

This collection of Waiata (Maori for "song") entries, based on my philosophy, is aimed towards the advancement of music making in general, and trumpet playing in particular. Several have been written as a direct result of readers’ questions.

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