Jaeger C Trumpet

The Jaeger Custom C trumpet is built in our own workshop, using a large venturi lead pipe. Known for its precise tuning, the long-fingering required on some other brands is now a thing of the past. - at last a C trumpet that plays in tune!


Bore: 0.459" (ML)


Jaeger 2 piece yellow brass 2A bell with 5" rim


Modified Bach #239 yellow brass

Finish: Raw brass

Price:  €2800

C trumpet options

Here are some options that can be installed in our workshop. See here for details:

Quarter tone - Mount a quarter tone valve and lever.

Whole step - Fit a whole step extension to third slide to play the full Bb trumpet range.

Jaeger Custom C

Jaeger 239 C

3rd slide extension

Jaeger trumpets are available for testing by appointment at:

Musikhaus Öllerer

Jägerndorferstr. 1-3

D-83395 Freilassing