Jaeger Bb Trumpet Models

Jaeger Studio

The Jaeger Studio trumpet is the latest generation of the popular Jaeger-Diamond trumpet. Blessed with rapid response and the legendary Jaeger valves, it slots well across all registers and will really light up when required.

Jaeger Artist

The Jaeger Artist has some alteration to the bracing to achieve a darker sound.

Jaeger 37

The Jaeger 37 is the Jaeger Artist model fitted with a modified Bach 37 bell.


Bore:     0.459" (ML)

Bell:      Jaeger A bell with 5" rim

             or modified Bach #37 or #43

Finish:  Raw brass, Lacquer, or Silver Plate

Price:    $2950

     Bb trumpet options

There are some options that can be installed in our New York workshop. See here for details:

Bell - Mount a modified Bach 43, or 72 bell

Quarter tone - Mount a quarter tone valve and lever

Jaeger Studio Bb

Jaeger 37 Bb