Confused About Trumpet Mouthpieces?

Jaeger 3M - Red

Bach 1 1/2C - Green

Jaeger 3M - Red

Bach 3C - Green

The Jaeger 3M Trumpet Mouthpiece

For the Other 99% of Players

The mouthpiece which does not get in the way of the music!

Less than 1% of all trumpet players need to play double high C, or match the XXXX Philharmonic/Symphony trumpet section, or have some other specialized playing need.

Unfortunately, mouthpiece developers (like instrument developers) have always used the most gifted players from this less than 1% as test subjects. This enables them to be able to declare that "(This player) plays X brand - therefore so should you". Maybe these endorsees do play this equipment, and, of course, the products will be very good, but that doesn’t mean that they will be best for us mere mortals, especially those for whom even just creating a note is still a bit of a challenge.

Simply put, when dealing with playing within the normal range of the trumpet:

The Jaeger 3M mouthpiece is the easiest mouthpiece to play, and does not get in the way of the music.

The intonation and response with this mouthpiece is superb. One of our customers describes this mouthpiece as a turbocharged 1 1/2C!

Jaeger 3M Mouthpiece 17mm (0.670”) rim, medium deep cup: €120

Jaeger Mouthpieces

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