Jaeger Ascending Valve Trumpets

Jaeger Ascending trumpets are built in our workshop on the same platform as the Jaeger Studio model.

The incorporation of an ascending whole tone rotary valve and our unique ergonomic lever system operated by the left hand index (first) finger, is our redesign of the original Merri Franquin concept. M Franquin's, built by Thibouville Lamy, used an extra piston valve. It was one of these original Thibouville Lamy instruments that was used by Roger Voisin when he was principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony.

The whole tone valve loop is in the circuit until the valve is actuated. This raises the note by one whole step and addresses the perennial problem of "long fingerings" being out of tune and also unstable in the higher register. It also facilitates awkward fingering passages and trills.

This C/D instrument is not intended to be used as a D trumpet (although it succeeds at that very well!), rather it is a C trumpet with a multitude of alternate fingerings.

The Bb/C trumpet is ideal for Broadway shows and the like - to remove 2 sharps from the key signature, and for the player wishing to use his Bb to be also able to read from concert pitch sheet music (Hymnals etc).

Earlier versions of M. Franquin's concept used a very tight, small bell which gave a much brighter sound than is acceptable these days. The customized Bach bells on the Jaeger ascending trumpets have a much larger throat, giving a sound more familiar to our ears.

Advantages of the Ascending Valve Trumpet

Intonation - valve combinations 1 + 3 and 1 + 2 + 3 are largely abolished.

Pitching Accuracy - high F# and high A are open, Ab is 2nd valve.

Awkward Trills - ascending valve allows staying on the same harmonic. For instance C to D trill becomes Bb to C.

Awkward Fingering - ascending valve gives an alternate fingering for all but two notes.

Two Keys - the trumpet is quite playable in 2 keys.


Key: Bb/C or C/D

Bore: 0.459" (ML)

Bell: Bach #37 modified by Jaeger

Finish: Raw brass

Price:  €4100



Jaeger Ascending C/D

Jaeger Ascending Bb/C