Repair Pricing

Most repairs are unique and need to be individually assessed in order to give an estimate. Here are some standard procedures to give an idea of cost.

Polish Mouthpiece BackboreRemoves grooves and uneven plating$10
Polish Trumpet Lead PipeRemoves Scale $25
Plunger Water KeySupply and Fit Amado Style Water Key$25
Install Trumpet Lead PipePlus Cost of Lead Pipe$90
Install Trumpet BellPlus Cost of Bell$90
Rebuild Trombone SlidePlus Cost of any parts$150

Rotor Driver Rebuild

Trombone Slide Rebuild

Tennis Ball in the Tuba!

From a box of parts - to a Musical Instrument

Graft a Thread onto a Vintage Finger Button

Graft a Thread onto a Valve Casing

1896 Cornet Rebuild - Ready for the Plating Shop

Make and fit a Lead Pipe to this rotary C Trumpet

Brass Repair

Here are some not so typical repairs